Equal Parts • It's that easy
Equal Parts is introducing their kitchen products to show how easy it is for professional chefs to cook at home through a 360 campaign.
FX • Sleep Like a Vamp
For all the fans out there who enjoys this mockumentary FX show, What We Do in the Shadows is partnering up with IKEA to give your mundane night lives a taste of what it's like to 'sleep' like a vampire.
Amazon • Care Packages
Life happens and Amazon is here to connect you and your loved ones. Introducing a Care Package list from Amazon, an easier way to show you care even when you're not around. The list is catered according to life events like break-ups, lay-offs, or even just a bad day.
Airheads • Truth or Dare
Airheads are stupid fun. So we are inviting people to have stupid fun with the stupidest fun game ever: Truth or Dare.
Khan Academy: Be Early
Khan Academy has a great reputation in providing helpful educational lessons for kindergarten up to college students. Little did they know, Khan Academy also provides life skills lessons that help them transition to adulthood.
Blueland • Touch, Smell, and Taste
We’ve been accustomed to thinking cleaning products are meant to be toxic for it to work. So we’ve sacrificed our safety for the cleanliness of our home. With this campaign, we’re going to change new parents' mindset and introduce the idea that cleaning products should be non-toxic, because it lives in our home.
American Beverage Association: Command Z
In effort to taking care of the environment, American Beverage Association wants every bottle back. So, Command Z is created. This is an initiative that encourage people to do a race to zero waste within their social media.
What better way to promote #teamcoco other than showing how quirky Conan truly is?
American Express
American Express always go big with their rewards and they want everyone to get a taste of it. With NFC chip installed posters spread around the city, they are taking the audience on a free reward tour.
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