During pandemic, we want you to still travel with your family and friends without worrying the travel cost and the hassle of it. So Infinitely Free is born. It is a digital travel company suited for everyone who wants to travel virus-free, cost-free, and hassle-free. With only 10 – 15 mins travel time, we will put you into places that you won't be able to imagine!
Please note: you don't need passport, visa, or driver's license to join the tour. All you need is Lens Studio, OBS, and Zoom!
LIVE chat screenshot from our Spring 2021 Tour, highlighting Huggies Wet Wipes, Heinz Ketchup, and a "sleeping" penguin found while touring the International Space Station and Scott's Hutt at Antartica, South Pole.
Special thanks to Jenny Rodenhouse and Elise Co.
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