Millenials are projected to be the first generation of majority renters-for-life because of impossible housing prices. So we introduce millenials to Winnebago's housing alternatives by trolling ridiculously expensive real estate that gives you zero bang for all that buck.
Airheads are stupid fun. So we are inviting people to have stupid fun with the stupidest fun game ever: Truth or Dare.
What We Do in the Shadows
For all the fans out there who enjoys this mockumentary FX show, What We Do in the Shadows is partnering up with IKEA to give your mundane night lives a taste of what it's like to 'sleep' like a vampire.
Tampon Couture
30 states still tax menstrual products as luxury items. So to bring awareness to the period poverty issue, we will treat these items as luxuriously as their tax implies.
King's Carriage
Burger King wants to get consumers ages 18-24 to ditch their competitors by using digital coupons. So Burger King is calling on users to battle for the king in this experiential campaign through Waze app that uses digital coupons as a reward system.
Spotify wants drivers everywhere to ditch their radios and download the Spotify app. So we’ve designed a campaign to change driving culture by downloading Spotify and tuning in to Carchella through your My Daily Drive Playlist.
Lay's Gold
Lay's wants to become more relevant as a brand; though the Lay's brand has been around over 80 years, it lacks a clear or strong identity/voice in popular culture. So we decided to dip Lay's in pop culture to give the brand a fresh new personality and make it relevant in a whole new way to consumers.
Love at First Bite
Burger King wants to engage 18-24 year olds by using digital coupons tied to their app. So by partnering with Tinder, Burger King is targeting the hearts and stomachs of consumers in this experiential campaign. If you came across a Whopper profile, would you swipe?
Drunk Text the King
You’ve had a rough week and you’re looking to get turnt. BK knows you’ll need someone to do more than just hold your hair back tonight. Burger King wants to target 18-24 year olds using digital coupons—so we’ve come up with the perfect drinking buddy system to help the weekend warriors in their party prime who really need it.
World Trash Directory
"The Story of Plastic" is a movie that will be available for streaming on Discovery Channel on Earth Day, April 21. To promote the movie, is turning its website into a World Trash Directory. User can get more info on plastic pollution and download Tico the Browser Extension to learn how to stop it from worsening. People can also use their camera (from the website) and with VR, to detect any plastic nearby.
Dream On with Casper
Casper supports your dreams no matter how old you are. This campaign mainly targets DACA, with extended executions to target working professionals and children.
Command Z
In effort to taking care of the environment, American Beverage Association wants every bottle back. So, Command Z is created. This is an initiative that encourage people to do a race to zero waste within their social media.
American Express
American Express always go big with their rewards and they want everyone to get a taste of it. With NFC chip installed posters spread around the city, they are taking the audience on a free reward tour.
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